Our goal is to educate and promote a more healthy, inclusive and conscience society. 


 Neurodiverse Universe wants to make quality of life accesible to all.

Educating healthy habits and raising awareness on the importance of caring in our society. Caring, whether for other people, the planet, or your family. Here at Neurodiverse Universe, we want to make sure that you are putting your own care first, because self-caring is essential and by caring for yourself you are also caring for everybody else. And as we all know knowledge is power so, we want to give you the power to better your own quality of life.

Neurodiverse Universe talks about what really matters

Inclusion, fundamental right of equal participation in society, with the same opportunities and rights with no discrimination. An inclusive society is one that values each individual for the unique human being that they are.

Child development, are all those proceses that happen, very quickly, in the first few years of life. During this time, the foundational pillars  are built, all types of learning take place (motor, perceptive-cognitive, social and emotional) at an exponential rate.

The ability of neurons (that cabling in our brain) to be moulded, modified and magnificent. Neuroplasticity is the base for all learning and development.

Active aging is a way of living, where even though you may not be at a working age anymore, you are still active and creating new routines and healthy habits that keep you physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Habilitation is empowering others to do a specific and meaningful activity for themselves. This can be done in different ways: by helping the person to train their body and mind to accomplish an activity, adapt the activity or simply modify the context of the activity.

Accessibility refers to making participation posible for all. Generally, it means eliminating obstacles in certain spaces, for example the use of ramps but accessibility can be applied to more than just the physical realm. The best form of accessibility applies the laws of universal design. 

The OMS defines disability as ” the result of the interaction between individuals with a health condition such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome and depression with personal and environmental factors, including negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation and limited social support”.

Autonomy is a complex human behaviour which is pushed by the natural need to be independent. It is an abstract concept which refers to our abilities to make decisions and manage our daily lives. 

Well-being and health are subjective terms that involve our perception on our emotional, physical and mental state. 

The most intimate of support systems, no matter if it’s your given family or chosen one, they are your closest connections, your primary social group.

Education is understood as the pass down of knowledge, beliefs and values, which give the individual the opportunity to progress and develop. This knowledge gives us tools to resolve problems and ultimately to survive. “Education is not about learning facts and figures but about training the mind to think” Albert Einstein.

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